Recordings Shining from Shook Foil and other songs

Live recordings of settings of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Wendell Berry, Rudolf Steiner and JG Whittier

Olivia Robinson (tracks 1-3), Micaela Haslam (track 8) sopranos
Daniel Norman tenor
Michael Thompson horn (tracks 1-3)
Gareth Hulse oboe
Anna Szarbo violin
Nicholas Cooper cello
London Conchord Ensemble
Orpheus Sinfonia conducted by Thomas Carroll
Harmoniae Naturales I-III

Featuring the extraordinary overtone singing of Rollin Rachele and Paul Terrell with tenor James Gilchrist, strings, tambura, percussion and natural sound recordings

Rollin Rachele overtone voice, tambura, singing bowls and mark tree
Paul Terrell overtone voice, tambura, gong and pin chimes
Nicholas Korth additional overtone voice
James Gilchrist tenor
Anna Smith, Elizabeth Edwards violins
Michael Leaver, Joel Hunter violas
Thomas Carroll cello
Beverley Jones double bass
Patten Settings and War's Embers
James Gilchrist tenor
David Bowerman speaker
Julian Milford piano
Emily Pailthorpe oboe and oboe d'amore
Danile Pailthorpe flute
Nicholas Korth horn
Of Wet and Wildness

Songs and chamber music

James Gilchrist tenor
Julian Milford piano
Deborah Schlenther (tracks 1 and 2), Mia Cooper (tracks 3 and 4) violins
Bridgid MacRae cello
Nicholas Korth horn